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Zahra’s Paradise – ABF Gains Publicity

Metrofrance has written an article on Zahra’s Paradise which has been making significant headlines in the recent weeks since its publication. An interview was also done featuring the author and artist of the graphic novel who go by the pseudonyms of Amir and Khalil. In the interview, Metrofrance asks both collaborators to discuss issues ranging from the history and the author’s perspective of the Iranian Revolution, the purpose the novel, the meaning of the title, and the quest for human rights and democracy in Iran. The author states in the interview:

Zahra’s Paradise is the result of a collective effort. The material on which we worked is not of our own pen and paper, but from the flesh and blood of millions of people who risked their lives to reclaim the past and future of Iran. These are the people who testified and made the world know the real situation, not us. It is they who have captured events through their mobile phones and allowed us to perceive their Iran and the hope, courage and nobility that has inspired a generation throughout the world.”

Names from the Boroumand Foundation’s OMID Memorial is located within the novel as a memory to all those who have been killed at the hands of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s regime. Additionally, an excerpt of an interview conducted by Roya Boroumand with a detainee from the Kahrizak Detention Center is included in the book as a non-fictional account of gross human rights violations that have occurred recently. To read the full testimony, please visit: “Iran July 2009: A Witness to State Crimes in Kahrizak Detention Center”

To view the full story and interview by MetroFrance please visit:!tynEQ37p18LWuQuIzw7Q/

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