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Kahrizak in the news: Animal Cruelty



In a statement, the Iranian Veterinarians’ Association took an official stance on the round-up of household pets by the Police Force.

According to a Khabar online report, the text of the letter is as follows:

“In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful
God’s Messenger (Peace Be upon Him) says: “Do not hit animals in the face for they praise and glorify God.”

Last week, the honorable acting Chief of Police announced the start of the Plan to Combat Social Ills, and declared walking a household pet in public passageways as an instance of such social problems. As of Tuesday, April 30, 2103, the police have started rounding up [and taking away] dogs that have owners, resorting to force, and without making any reports and/or presenting receipts [for the dogs].

After a few days of looking for their pets, the owners found out that the arrested pets were being kept at a place called Kahrizak, without consideration to their hygiene and feeding conditions.


Given the Veterinarians Association’s role in [animal health and] hygiene and the profession’s obligation to reduce [and appease] animal suffering, it is necessary that the following points be [made and] explained for the police personnel’s as well as the general public’s information:

1. Currently, there are no written laws in the country prohibiting [having and] keeping household pets.

2. Even assuming that such an act does constitute a crime, the honorable police force’s arrest of the animal instead of the owner has no precedence anywhere in the world.

3. If the police continue to insist on arresting these poor animals, what happens to the health and hygiene conditions and the right to life (given available information [concerning] the deaths that have occurred at the above-mentioned detention center) of the animals kept at the detention center?

4. The result of the aimless clash with all pet owners who transport [and appear or walk with] their pet in public is that such owners will refrain from going to veterinary centers to have their pets vaccinated, and consequently families, and subsequently society, might face serious environmental issues.

5. The improper keeping of animals in that detention center without consulting specialists causes the spread of various illnesses there, including those that can be transferred to human beings; this can jeopardize the detention center personnel’s health and eventually endanger the health [and well-being] of the rest of society.

6. The police force should be above belittling and persecuting certain of our compatriots – who, for whatever reason, like to have pets – by threatening and frightening them (in many cases pet owners have been told that their pets will be killed by the police.) [Such actions and behaviors] can overshadow the police force’s accomplishments in [the realms of] ensuring society’s [safety and] security, the fight against illegal drugs, etc.

7. Respect for animal rights has repeatedly been recommended [and prescribed] by all religions including the true religion of Islam. According to reports, however, unfortunately not the slightest attention has been paid to these recommendations.
Therefore, the Iran Veterinarians’ Association, the country’s oldest scientific-professional association, deems it necessary to warn against the serious health issues (psychological as well as physical) resulting from the continuation of the afore-mentioned plan, and to declare its readiness to cooperate with all relevant [governmental] organs for the purpose of analyzing this serious problem.

“God will damn the person who damns animals.” [First Shi’a Imam] Amir al-Mo’menin (Peace Be Upon Him)
Iran Veterinarians’ Association”

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