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Iran: Halt Execution of 33 Sunnis

For Immediate Release Iran: Halt Execution of 33 Sunnis Accounts of Cases Raise Fair Trial Concerns (June 12, 2014) — The Iranian authorities should quash the death sentences of 33 Sunni Muslim men, including possibly a juvenile offender, convicted of “enmity against God” (moharebeh), and impose an immediate moratorium on all executions, 18 human rights […]

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Iran’s Unusual Attacks Against a United Nations Special Rapporteur

Roya Boroumand Executive director, Abdorrahman Boroumand Foundation Posted: 03/17/2014 10:16 am EDT To believe Iranian officials, neither the decision to keep the leaders of the Green Movement under house arrest, nor that of releasing them, involves the judiciary. High level officials take publicly pride in the politically-motivated detention of the 2009 presidential candidates as they do in […]

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Gay, Iranian And Stylish in Exile By Nina Strochlic 02.27.14 A gay refugee couple from Iran have become Facebook superstars thanks to a shout-out on Humans of New York. They talk to The Daily Beast about life for Iran’s persecuted LGBT community in a country that denies their very existence. Last Thursday night, around 7 p.m., a photograph was posted to the […]

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Activists condemn Iran Holocaust meeting NEW YORK — In a statement to be published next week, more than 100 Iranian activists outside their country have condemned its recent conference questioning the Holocaust. The activists signed the statement blasting the Iranian government and paying homage to victims of the Nazi regime. The activists expressed frustration over the relative silence on the subject from […]

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Support the Work of the Abdorrahman Boroumand Foundation

Every day, we find new victims. Every day, relatives write to us. Every day, more relatives and friends are waiting to see the cases of their loved ones published inOmid, our online memorial.  This year, on the 30th anniversary of the April 18, 1983 bombing of the American Embassy in Beirut, Lebanon, the Abdorrahman Boroumand Foundation (ABF)  located and reached out to […]

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Alireza M.: An Appeal to Our Humanity

“Carrying out a second execution on a man who somehow managed to survive 12 minutes of hanging … betrays a basic lack of humanity that sadly underpins much of Iran’s justice system.” Philip Luther, Amnesty International Very little is known about this 37-year-old man, Alireza M., who was hanged last week in the town of […]

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Protesters Demand Clean Air in Zanjan

On August 11th and 15th, 2013,  demonstrators filled the streets of Zanjan to declare their right to a clean environment and called for an immediate cessation of activities by over 70 lead and zinc factories[1] in Zanjan that have polluted the air and filled the streets with residue.  According to sources, the governor of Zanjan […]

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